Car Loan Rates


Car Loan Rate – Low Auto Loan Rate

Acquiring a car loan is not that simple a process as many may chose to think. You have to be extra cautious and smart to strike the best car loan rate. The car loan rate is far variable than other kid of loans. In such case, you really need to wait for the perfect opportunity to strike the best deal. The rates offered to you by the lenders will always remain to be far beyond agreement. Hence, it will require much effort and convincing skills on your part to hit the perfect car loan.

Firstly, you need to know various factors which will help you to get the best new car loan rate. In case you are looking forward to buy an old car, then you must gain thorough knowledge used car loan rate. However, in both the cases, the most essential factor remains to be your credit history. Having a good credit background will help you in each and every respect, be it going through the negotiation process or getting approval for the financing of your long cherished vehicle. If you are unaware of your credit score, you can very well get it from any authorized financial institution.

The second factor in getting the best car loans rates depends on your negotiation skills. You stand a better chance on the negotiation process if and only if you have a credit score of around 750. Often while negotiating on car loan rates it is seen that people tend to balance the loan tenure with that of the interest rates. You must also keep in mind that short-term loans offer you with low rate of interest than the lengthy ones. So it will be wise on your part, if you can properly analyze your monthly budget and then see which kind of loan would sit perfect with your budget.


Increasing your down payment is another wise option when you are negotiating to get the best car loan rates. The more you pay towards the down payment, the greater trust you will gain out of your lender. Consequently s/he may offer you with an amazingly low rate, which probably you may not have even thought of. It has also been seen, people who had made a down payment of 20% or more have been offered with surprisingly low rate of interest inspite of having adverse credit history in the past.

Demanding a competitive deal out of your lender might also fetch you with the best car loan rate. The sales person always takes you as prospective cash buyer and all they want is to rip you off your pockets. The bigger the amount, the better it is for them. In such case, you can demand rebates or extra features out of your vehicle.

It is also seen that one gets the best car loan rate towards the end of month. If you think you are not running out of time and can wait for some more days to save some extra amount, then it is better to opt for auto finance during the month end. Also make sure you study the rates offered by several lenders before sealing the deal. It is often said, “A stitch in time, saves nine”. It is better to spare some efforts initially than to repent later.